Working with Applications

The Applications page lists all applications in your organization:

Applications Page

  1. Application Card that shows the application name and all versions in an application.
  2. Click on this icon to see all actions that can be performed for this application:
    • Add new API Version.
    • Edit App
    • Delete App.
  3. Click on the dropdown to select and manage an API version under this application.

The Application card also shows the Grant, Deny and Abstain counts of all requests at "Authority" module for this application.

Creating an Application

To create an application, provide the application name in "Register New Application" card and click on "Register Application":

Create Application

Adding an API Version to an application

Once an application is created, click on the options for app to add a new API version:

Add new API Version On the next screen, add version details and click "Create Application Version":

Create API version

API versions

API versions allow you to manage difference versions of your application. Every API version is completely isolated and has its own sets of policies, blocks and constraints.

API version

  1. Policies (Default): Policies view is the default view of an API version. It shows all policies in the current API version.
  2. Blocks: Blocks view shows all blocks in the current API version.
  3. Constraints: Constraints view shows all constraints in the current API version.
  4. RS: RS or "Resource Servers" view shows all resource servers that are currently mapped to this application.
  5. Simulator: Policy Simulator allows to simulate traffic to Authority module on behalf of a resource server.
  6. Policy Diff: This page shows the details of all un-deployed changes to "Authority".
  7. Deployment: This button shows the number of currently un-deployed changes to "Authority" module. This button also allows you to "Deploy" all changes to Authority:


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